God Killed The Queen

Yesterday was full of hearts in the air
Kels, Richard and I hit up West Hollywood & SSMF
I didnt get to talk to Joe, Luke, & Nico but I did meet Louis XIV
I know right? Soooo hawt, I saw Iris in line and we got all jumpy and esssited
After shaking their hands & being complimented from them, my day couldnt be ruined

'And your little asian freind, Well she can come if she wants'

After cruising and walking the streets of Sunset & Melrose
Kelsey and I got our drank on that night, We couldnt pass out on free drinks
And out of all people, Jacqueline spilled her mixed drink down my back on accident
My goodness, Drunken mess.com

Lets re-live this past weekend of pure amazing-ness, please
Ex oh, ::takes a drag::

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