And Then There Were Two

If what they say is true: "it's worth the wait."

..Then i do believe, i have found something worth keeping.

I made the most beautiful mix-cd ever known to man-kind for him
...Even my mom got jealous.

My goodness, he's blowing me away!
I love how he kisses my freckles on my shoulder at 4am

We took a drive out to Malibu last tuesday and got lost but it was our conversation
that just drove us anywhere,
we didnt have a certain place to drive to
Our voices and bob dylan playing just controlled the steering wheel

Funny thing is, he's the king of trouble
But, I suppose it fits seeing as how Im double his amount of trouble
--- Its a huge game ---
Right now he's in the lead and Im so stuck on trying to get back in

Never the less, this weekend was the starting of a jumping point
Life is just getting better, wilder, and longer, I cant complain on how good things are
Friday the freinds & I hit up a party in HP then drove to Hi Fi Noize on Broadway
DJ Score got me and my freinds in fo free, no extra charge ;)
After dancing for hours it got insanely hot and we jammed the fuck out which by
then it was Saturday morning and I hit up Downtown LA for some new threads and my
daily doze of frozen yogurt. In the evening, I decided to go to Blow Up LA.
It was so soo hott but I saw soo many old and new faces that just overlapped my
currency of dehydration. One of the guys car who we went with got a falt tire
that night so we were stranded for a bit. It didnt stop me from having a good time,
Karla and I sat on the curb and talked the night away

Now Im here, with nothing to do but play my Jim Morrison Record
"Show me the way to the next Whiskey Bar"

This is the starting chapter on the mess of self-centered, drama filled lifestyle,
meaningless sex, overused pick up lines, and outdated routines.

Yours truly

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$aturn said...

He is simply amazing!