Tied Dyed Or Tired And Died

Woke up, put on my makeup
Took a drive out to Pasadena and spent some moneyz
But before my shopping spree, I stopped by King Taco mmm saucey,
After my bomb ass burrito I hit up UO where I ran into Frank, the cutest oriental
guy ever, and he bought me a grad present which was a lovely purple romper,
therefore I owe him bigtime... Im thinking Famima would be a good treat (he'd love it)
Speaking of Urban Outfitters in Pasadena, Does anyone know if Daniel still works there?
Ya know, Danly manly? I didnt see him today ::sadface::

For the heads up, H&M has some bomb ass deals right now so go scope it out
Theyve got stuff headed for 5, 10, & 20 bucks so run over there aye sap
The racks are overflowing with bold colors, fitted dresses, exposed zippers,
ruffles, 70s tunics, wide legged jeans, and knit dresses

I also visited this cute little shop called Veronica M on Colorado
It was full of colors and lovely sunny dresses with cute accessories

After running into Andy Makeup infront of the apple store,
I decided to call it quits, got some Pinkberry and hit the LA traffic hard
Thank god for my mix CD involving Marc Bolan, Bowie, Smiths, and Devendra Banhart

What a mess
Tune in --- Tune out

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