Free cigarettes

Okay last night I strutted in my laced up shoes, thigh highs, and my cut up pop noir tee. On the ride there I was DJ gen spinning tracks from and Indie 103.1. But on the real talk, Heist was nothing short of amazing. After waiting in that horrendous line, we were pretty close to the front but not really and then this group of ugly dead beat moms and grunge kids cut in front of us. So, us getting our way, we didn't let it slide. We called the security and they made them all go the back of the line, hehe. As for us, they took us to the front. All 20 of us. It was a sweet move and I keep playing it back and forth in my head because I liked their pissed off faces. Karma is a bitch! Plus heist gives free ciggies. Hence, my low tolerance for the sweaty bodies and annoying fucks, I danced the night away. DJ AM did the sickest set Ive seen yet. Pure amazing-ness. I was near dehydrated and I still didnt give a shit. Primarily, It was a good Thursday night.
Now the weekend is here and Im ready for chaos.

Why couldn't this collaboration take place last night?

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