Carpe Diem, As If

My goodness, I feel so unproductive and unsocial being home on a Friday night at nearly 2am. I didnt go to hi fi noize thus this week has left me exhausted and broke. Im never home at this hour blogging my feelings away like some of you desperates do. I took this day to relax and to get ready for tomorrows affair. Kicked it with richard lee & johnny mod today. Movies was neither worthy the 10 bucks but little tokyo topped the notch after hitting up PopKiller and Pinkberry. Lets just say, tonight is blockbuster night minus the popcorn and butter. Im lazing off watching Breakfast at Tiffanys.

(Im a sucker for romantic rendevous.)

"Im like a cat here, a no-name slob
We belong to nobody, and nobody belongs to us
We dont even belong to each other"

♥Phrase to live by,
goodnight -xo

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