Last Day Of Magic

My gawd, I just woke up. Waking up at this hour makes me feel so sluggish.
Regardless, Last nights occurance was amusing. Ive been nervous & anxious these days.
College is approaching soon and Its a whole new world hence what Ive been used to.
Furthermore, In a couple of weeks or sooner, good friends of mine are moving up north
or even out of state. I know we'll all keep in touch. It's just a reality check Im facing.
When that time comes, Ill be painting faces for actors and living it up still,
Working hard/Playing harder. My motto to live by.
On a slighter comment my days have been unexpected and just last minute
occasions. On thursday, The girls and I went to the park, had kettle corn, then made a stop at Starbucks and fell in love.
My new addiction is the Starbucks sorbettos. They're soo delicious and yummy. Sadly, we didn't make it to the Heist last night but next week hopefully the homie Tony is gonna hook it up fo' free. Today we're most likely hittin up HypeLA. Yo no se, but it's gonna be a adequate day. And tomorrow is gonna be fun in the sun chillen on a beachchair. A whole day at the beach with my loved ones.



Since johnny works there now he's gonna hook it up
Front of da line and cheaper digs

Btw, check for this movie in stands Tuesday
Virgins who CAN drive

We make one hott ass baby hehehehaha

Infact, Kelsey started this whole baby thing
We had this fine fellow


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