Miss Hangover

Sunday night was more then I bargained for, I hadnt had that much fun in a long time. It felt good to be with people I missed and to see new faces. This cute drunk guy convinced me to follow him outside for a smoke, he reached into his jacket pocket, and pulled out a cowboy charm-bracelet. He showed me how it jingles and put it on my wrist. It was the cutest thing ever. But then I noticed he was a bit under the influence so I called his friend because he was too tall for me to carry inside. I gave him a red kiss on the cheek and left it at that. After dancing to Classixx and Villains, I had a couple drinks with B, then was exhausted! I fell asleep on the 15 minute drive home, overall it was a great night.

(My comeback to pick-ups I refuse to go along with^)

Yesterday was my day to lounge, relax, and rant
I downloaded tons of music, old and new. I sat outdoors and kicked it by the pool
I also ended up calling it a night way too early. My plans is to see DJ AM this week!
Last time I seen him was at the Roxy and Im tellin you, I was drenched in sweat
He's good at what he does, Par-take in this adventure with me?

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