Long Night Re-Caps

Monday, we were on our way to Genre 'til my bitch Tony calls saying "Come over, good crowd, tons of bottles" and anyone who knows me, knows that Im down for both. Got drunkkk off my ass, I was embarrased. Tuesday, Key Club to see Pop Noir. Had a nice conversation with Joe and Luke in the parking lot after the show. I got a shirt and tons of hugs from each of them. We were discussing their birthday plans and summer shows. I def will be seeing more of them the next couple of months. Wednesday, shopping with the girls in Pasadena. We tried beating the closing time and of course, WE DID. After tons of shoe trying, dressing rooms, and steady struts on Colorado we came home happy with bags filled of goodies aka clothes galore. Thursday, plans failed and I had dinner with my mom. It was nice catching up because she's always working and Im always out and about. Friday, happy 4th! Spent quality time with the fam under the sun and had an adventurous night with my so-called boy frans and girl frans. Bunch of cruising, honking at strangers, drinking, and 2am visits to jack in the box. Overall, It was a good week and tonight is Ashleys sweet 18. Now you know I will be under the influence forsure singing disney tunes with everyone and actin' a damn foool.


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