A Day In The Life

Okay so I havent had time to harangue on how Ive been spending my daily and
evening encounters. Lets just say, Theres been a lot of nocturnal nights dancing, hangover sunrises, GNOs, hanging out with whatshisface, wine and cheese parties, gossip sleepovers, candle light dinners, reading material, and boutique scavenging. Summer days are astonishing and restless. You can never get tired of Los Angeles, the city of opportunities. Theres so much to do and you hardly ever get enervated of hitting up the same hotspot. Oh, but lately everything has been getting on my last nerve. LA traffic, phone rings, Even little underaged no good babygirls tryin to cough up what they cant handle. Remember one thing, I dont even have to try.
Often imitated, Never duplicated.

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