Id Rather Go Blind

Saturday = Sunday, I went to the Americana and saw The Dark Knight for the 23455 time. Its quite the 4 star movie 'cept Batmans voice establish's me want to turn deaf. Just for the record, the role DID NOT kill Heath. Get it through your thick headed skull. I, for one, read and know whats goin on in the celebrity hype. And no, not just by TMZ or The Daily 10 but by reading between the lines. So let me fill you in, On last week's LA WEEKLY... There was a whole like 10 page spread on Heath Ledger. Yes, I read it all at 3am. And you can even Google it for your poor entertainment. Ok so, a video director named Matt Amato who did vids for Ima Robot and all that gizz, was working with Heath so that he could start directing. Amato stated that the movie was shot clearly more than it to dealt with the accident suicide in January 08. It had not one bit to do with his death. Heath was constantly happy and wasn't selfish to do such a thing. He had plans for his future work and wouldn't throw it away over some Joker roll. So shut the fuck up, Its plain and simple, Heath was about to get a massage from his masseuse and took some sleeping pills to relax and clearly had a towel on waiting for her to arrive. With the collaboration of his daily medication and sleeping pills of mixing as one, Killed the charming young man. I think Ive made it clear enough. On a lighter note, Went to UO and saw leslie and then had some Jambalaya at Cheesecake Factory. Shopped and browsed. Ive been looking at apartment homes, Homegirl Kelsey and I picked up a free book in Hollywood and I found the most precious apartments to dwell in. Hopefully by December I have some of my priorities in order to start making that money aka bank. Speaking of Kelsey, I spent everyday of this past week with her. We sure know how to kill the summer days and live it up. This week we're making dinner plus embark on more adventures. Catch me if you can with a cigarette in hand, and its love. I'll now rest my head, that being I only got 2 hours of sleep last night and my eyes will be shutting down very soon. After my visit to the fridge for some rocky road ice cream, Ill come up the stairs, Pick up a book, and listen to the Stones.

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