One Night To Speed Up Truth

This weekend was the true meaning of Friday, Hit up Echo Park for a
Anthem magazine party and said my hello's. Met very pretty people including DJ Mom Jeans
aka Danny Masterson, Engaged in conversation with everyone, drank one too many drinks
on the bar, Lounged being tipsy, my arm candy was my best freind, cuuute. Saw a ridiculous
amount of old acquaintances and got into the depth of small talk, After sleeping on Kats couch,
I woke up with a sore neck and headache... Nonetheless, I couldnt bare to repeat it on
Saturday which I lied because after seeing the FabFour in Alhambra, we drank til 5am and
smoked hookah, Which led Kelsey to feeling sick and we had about 5 hours of sleep with
hash browns for breakfast while looking at lastnights iPhotobooth pics
Over-realizing, we took those?!

------ For headlines news ------
On Saturday, Michael Phelps, broke the record of winning 7 games in a row in the Olympics

Now he'll be receiving an estimate of $40-$100 million!!! For swimming a couple of laps?
HOLY FUCK! He tells reporters, "Its not about the money."

Im not gonna lie, He's a handsome fellow... That is
When he tucks those ears behind his cap

I want some
pomegranate black tea right about now

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