Le Plus Beau De Quartier

Saturday evening was fewer than I anticipated for. Subsequently, cruising the streets of downtown looking for the Hear Gallery, we curiously thought it was this place with flashing lights and obnoxious music that could break the walls, I was scared thus everyone looked like they were half naked rave kids about to kill for some e. After discovering we were about to take foot in the wrong place, obviously, we wandered around nevertheless to find it being at the same place where BlowUp LA was, recognized for being a boiler room. However, us not having to wait inline and got in for 5 ones while not being carded was grandeur. And for the record, It wasnt as hot as the previous encounter. The most obvious thing that came to mind while looking at some art, lounging on some sofa's, listening to some DJ who clearly only played disco and michael jackson, saw some unfamiliar faces, I felt as if I were in the silver factory. The crowd was a good vibe and all, just different, that being a good 50% of people in that room looked over the age of 30. I ran into pop noir just having a good time, sipped off of Johnny's $6 whiskey on the rocks, put some free stickers on the guys, got captured by this cute girl where I have no clue as to where to find those pictures. Anyone know who she was? She thought Johnny and I were "awesome" so she said, clearly she's right. After no attempt to dance because the music was so late 80s pre 90s, we walked out and saw the line was way out of proportion for that event. We hit up a shindig afterwards, had some free booze and sat in a circle where we drank beers and had small talk. The night comes to an end at a late hour. I, for one, wake up extremely late where Sunday flew by and time well spent with old freinds. With further a do, Redds opening should be one eventful yet fabulous night. Note to self: One exact month to live it up 'til waking up at 5am, hitting LA traffic, and spending 9 hours with artists and having competition, comes to reality.

Love, red kisses.

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