She's Lost Control

Thus this week has been relaxing having champagne for breakfast
and silent surroundings
, Im going car shopping in a week or two which makes everything better and
to look forward to.
Yesterday, I hit up a theater in Pasadena that only plays Indie flicks and saw
"What We Do Is Secret"
and I must say, It was the most exciting part of my Tuesday.
I know Tuesday is a big deal for the underage world, Club Dance. That peice of shit
place should literally be non-existent, They must know the 16 & under kids would pay 15 for Aoki. It wasnt even that much at Heist, Ave, Cinespace, LAX, etc. Boy, do they know how to fool the young ones. I've seen Aoki one too many times, close up and personal, but if it makes you feel superior to attend these baby clubs and surround yourself with uglies and horsehair, then so be it. I know Im better than stepping my Jimmy Choo's up in that bitch. Hell nahhhh, you must think Im some kind of fool. Although, under the influence, I am tempted for anything
and known to act foolish, more or so reckless...

This is going to be great and 100x better than your ugly all age club

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