He's More Electro Than You

Or should I say Indie? You may know him as 'Aaron from above' (Quote Death from Above) or the infamous "St8 Up H0rny." His story behind that one is knowing a typical myspace lad with nothing but desperate friends and caught some black dude with his user name as "St8 Up H0rny" and thought it was quite hilarious and felt the need to display the same name for about a week. He likes to lurk my blog and tell me in person he checked it out. Ohh, & we both know a thing or two about music, he tried to test me on "Happy Together" by The Turtles but clearly I was intoxicated and couldn't think right. But he did know "Get It on Bang a Gong," you can never go wrong with T.Rex! Last night, Peter told him he was cute and I think his ego went 50% higher (His current mood is handsome btw) haha, I think it's the sway to his full long hair brushed to the side like a surfer, d00d. After hearing that Rock Band was being played inside the house he was so eager to play, but only guitar, when he should've sang, after bragging how he owns on Guitar Hero it clearly showed on Rock Band that he wasnt so great. He does do a good "nu rave" dance though. His friend Mikey, does good impersonations of people at Club Dance. And Edword only loves Paparazzi when he's rollin on E. You can catch them posing for roaming photos. But then again, who doesn't? Random fact: He thinks Dj Score is a cutie, Anywho Air-in, You owe me some Soulwax
mixes or mash-ups in return bitch! xoxo.

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