Ill Be Yours Until 2 And 2 Is 3

Lots of time well spent, I admit my head does turn in circles for hours after
confusion and attention thrown off guard, But It's nothing a little vodka and pills cant fix
Good times is what a short verse of my days are explained, Wouldn't change
a damn thing for the doubt. Im happy where conditions are at & clearly last time I checked,
Thats all that matters...

As I
surveillant some of the characters enveloping me complaining & I quote "hating life"
I'm pleased to say that I am drama-sovereign & full of life. Everything is insequential &
I have
another month or so to get my substances ready and in place. Its nice to know I have supporting &
an immense amount of kindreds I can turn to when in doubt. Which is out of proportion to say
the least since I'm a hard worker, dedicated, and will be a full time student with great opportunities
coming my way. Its nerve racking and so exciting to see what comes my way

Now Ill harmonize and get primed for an evening with jay
He leaves me in, how must you say, awe? Although I cut myself off from getting attached
I'm smarter than most and enjoy a warm somebody

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