Dont Think Twice, Its Alright

I have it made.

Shortly after each sunrise, I wake-up to a wake up call from him,
Eat some vanilla almond cereal with soymilk and lounge
while I await his pressence.

Little pretty dreams of sweet puffy marshmallow-shaped clouds, smiles for many miles mixed with an immense dose of giggles, followed by an incurable case of the hiccups, we raced through foreign lands during exhilarating hand-held adventures.

I forgot how wonderful it feels to laugh so hard that my stomach clenches-up real tight,
and I must excuse myself from the room for a moment to find some form of relief
from the conversation.

I haven't taken my medication today to kill this migraine,
I have such an emotional high at the moment...
It would be silly of me to ruin it.

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