Ballrooms Of Mars

Yesterday, I wandered the lengthy and sheer streets of Pasadena with my best fran
Did some shopping, Came up on some gloves, beautiful jewelery, b&w posters, gelato,
boots, and winter clothing. Then, headed to Echo Park for some drinking and games.
Jay made it obvious that he was eager to wear my feathered earrings which lead me to calling
him queer names all night, I also attempted to drink all of the velvet whiskey...
Which was so cheap and did the job. After hours of giggles and deep into conversations
Finally, I came home and hit the sheets
Its church day, Its become a ritual that we attend the Fairfax flea market every sunday
But richy is in San Fran with kenny so that's out of the question. However, kelsey has the day off
so we should be doing something antic. xo

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