In and Out the Window

Last night was sweaty and frolic. While dancing to the spys, I felt my earring fall off so I seeked to find it on
the floor being tossed around when I finally caught it to find it being broken. Therefore, the whole night I pranced around with one golden hoop. Saw some familiar faces and said my hellos, The whole night I was arm in arm with kelsey dancing to every breakdown and beat. We made the night rather entertaining with our awkward walking/dancing entries and trying to find the best dance spot in the house. All in all, It was a good thursday night. I wouldve just been home watching the bravo channel and reading during the commercials. Which is obvious as to how I found getting dolled up and strutting it on the blvd 10x better. Pop Noir 21st birthday tonight, All they asked for was hugs and kisses for their birthday. xo

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