Sunny Side Of The Street

Happy Turkey Day to all of you
Heres to, a holiday centered around stuffing one's face uncontrollably and giving
thanks for everything we take for granted, and then completely throwing that all away the following morning as we so selfishly indulge in all the shopping sales, completely ignoring rational thought as we leave no corner unscathed.

And Im proud to have joined:

I want to help save the polar bears. They're going extinct with
this global warming, fewer cubs are surviving and more bears are drowning. There have been
documented reports of polar bears drowning and starving -- and of snowy dens collapsing
on newborn cubs and their mothers :( Join! You can save them too
It's a good feeling & Im pleased to make a difference

On a more r'n'r note, Turkey Soup last night wasn't too shabby
I enjoyed myself dancing with kimrey and the girls. Don rimini killed it! So good,
I was exhausted with only 4 hours of sleep to the previous night after staying up to 5am
w/ kelsey & jaz while listening to records & drinking wine. The good times keep comin'

And today, I'll be in the IE with my family lounging around grandma's chateau
Then later tonight, more social gatherings

Oh & tomorrow, I should be working at Victoria Secrets in the Montebello Mall
So come say hi, xo

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