Sucré, Raffiné, et Difficile

I am no longer a little girl - with a big dream

I am a big girl - with a bigger dream
Everyone has their hopes, goals, dreams, wishes
I sometimes wonder if I am one of those people to gain it
The one who reaches for the stars/or the one who slowly watches the stars fade

This week I decided to try something new,
to un-surround myself with my familiar surroundings

I also, plan to repair everything that I once carelessly broke. I approached a challenge last night, which was carefully thought-out and thoroughly planned, yet-so random and unexpected. I suppose--it was far more successful than I had predicted which was to take time, make the chosen ones feel more important, give them affection. Its sad, how I almost forgot how to do any of the above which the people right in front of me

I am slowly re-teaching myself how to be a "genuine person"
To be comfortable, within my own flesh

Also with winter here and summer approaching within 7 months, I'm aiming to visit Germany
and Poland. My mothers roots of her french/polish blood that I haven't seen in a lifetime, literally,
It'd be a great leave of absense

I have my heart and hopes set on it
I need a getaway, there's too much going on to start a clean slate

And on the iconic update, I've got nothing but love for lady Herrema

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