Part Of Halloween Never Dies

What a restless weekend thus far. Halloween was not bad, HARD was intense but not as great as I thought it would be. Maybe, because I was the only individual not trippen ballz. Which I am proud of, 'cept I was hunting down for a wristband for some drinks but I had a pack of ciggies by my side. Nevertheless, I was proud to see Soulwax, 2 many djs, Crookers, Simian, Deadmau5, and my love, Xavier de rosnay. I danced all night, gave kisses and was given kisses on the cheek by strangers, pranced around like the indian I was. And whats the deal of every dj wanting to be DP? First, the spys at the heist. Second, DJ AM. What a ridiculous burn. Back to the point, It was a sober night for me but diverting. Came mid-day Saturday and I slept all day. Woke up and got ready to have a chill night with richy and iris. Went to the movies but previous to that had some yogurt. After we cruised around hb and gg trying to find something to do but then again it's the boring county. So we called it a night. I woke up sick today, It had to be those germs from friday or breaking a sweat in the cold that night. Bring me some soup or tea, while I lay in bed all day.

My birthday is in 2 1/2 weeks,
Be prepared for a whole week celebrating involving Alex Ebert at the echo on the 22nd
That's really all I want for my birthday & a car which Im pretty positive Im getting, hoorrrrraay

Listening to: Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, I’m convinced Morrissey wrote it about me...

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