Sex & Dying In High Society

Since I have all this time on my hands, I've been thinking...
This society is made up of an apocalypse of parasites. You don't see it if you don't want to;
but when you slumber; Someone's in your kitchen eating up all your honey
Living off your labor, getting rich off the system
It's how the government works

Seeing everything today and hearing everybody's opinions,
just opens a whole new perspective on how this system we exist in, is a chain of dependency
This government is a scam of organized crime

Just thought I'd lay that out.

And for the update, Im feeling better today. Im starved, all this soup
and drinking liquid isn't helping. Take me out to dinner. I promise not to feed you germs.

Whitney's new boyfriend is definitely eye candy

He's too good looking and I think I found someone else to have desire for

Today will go down in history, Im glad to have witness it
Also if you had this sticker you got free coffee at starbucks, kudos. Ciao!

Listening to: Meeting Place by The Last Shadow Puppets

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