Somethin' Like Dynomite

You know, when you've had one of those remarkable and decisive nights where you cant go to
sleep, you're just in that smitten mood and overall just to ecstatic to close those eyelids.

That was last night.

If you we're at the Ima Robot party then you witnessed it all. For starters, we pre-gamed it in
richys car and I think I drank too much, too fast. After the clock ticking and me, anxiously awaiting
for Ima Robot to play, I just walked around and talked to whomever and drank consistently.
And to start off the excitement, I met Ryan Gosling and we shared a few words, it was cute.
Finally after tripping and drunk slurs, kenny, rich, alma, denise, and I pushed our way to the front.
There I was, front and center, holding the mic stand. Alex pulled me in around the 2nd song
and danced with me ever so close while singing in my ear. I cant recall the number of times we
held hands that night. Also singing face to face. Too good of a evening. And to top it off, he
gave me his mic and we had a nice chat while we we're told to be quiet for the cops. I could brag
forever, but I wont because I know everyone saw and it was the best pre bday celebration
to come. Getting home at 4am and hyped on commotion, I couldn't sleep. But who sleeps?
I wish I could fill every detail on last night but it's full of endless fidelity and encounters.

Oh, and I had zero time to buy film with this hectic agenda and had lost my charger for
my digital so I have no photos except this really sweet girl offered to take pictures and send
them to my email. So until then, I have my memory fulfilled with last nights rendezvous.

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