Time Doesn't Slow Down For Those Who Dream

See you saturday, alex♥ Pre celebrating my birthday in east los
I need to think of the cutest outfit and stock up on film to take millions of photos.
Im too elated for words right now, But saturday I'll be on cloud nine.

I've had a couple of hours to catch my breath, I'll proceed on venting about my weekend;
Expensive dinners, movie watching on my new 60 inch flat screen, online shopping for birthday,
numerous runs for tea and boba, re-arranging my room, party party party, dressing
in shiny high wasters and sailor coat, cleaning my flask from stranger sips, combing my hair,
the grove, pacific theatre, preparing birthday plans, arm and arm with my muse,
catching up on my tv shows and sleep, slurppping on ovaltine.

Listening to:
The One Who Really Loves You by Mary Wells

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