Lived In Bars

Its easy to say that lately I've just been drifting away and let my mind wander into an
illusion of infinite possibilities. I am constantly spinning in circles and dancing around to the speed
of sound. On Friday, Sarah had a house warming party for her new place in Redondo Beach which
was round the clock drinking games not including the shots and wine glass rounds. Therefore, I did
suffer a migraine the very next morning. Saturday was casual lux with Katrina, we got pretty and
went to dinner and afterwards book shopping. Oh, and watched continuous hours of will and grace.
Nothing like wine-ing and dining under the rooftop of sunny orange skies and singing Walkmen at
the top of our lungs. Sunday comes, went to the Super Sale Sunday and chilled out for a bit. I finally
saw adri and the rest of hearts challenger and ran into angel. Then, ate my candy bracelets while
watching Richard and Kenny stuff their faces with quesadillas from the taco truck. We later went to
Fairfax and I came up so good on leather sandals and black and white photos for my walls, not to
mention more purses for my collection and earrings. Pretty much, shopping all Sunday.
Today, I was in Costa Mesa with Richard, took his mac for a fix, and hit up the lab for a quick
hustle on more clothes. I'm finally home, relaxing and baking a cake.

If only So Cal had girls as down as this that I can ride with

Yay for Hilary Clinton being announced our Secretary of State today. x

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