To All,

Merry Christmas!

My shoe fetish is worsening, Support my bad habit...

Keeping that record spinning, feasting on everything in sight, and gifts lying all over my bedroom floor. Lets make
exhilarating plans for the weekend, perhaps a dinner party & wine chugging for Friday night. As a late gift, I'm getting a tattoo in January :) Jay has offered to pay for it cause he just wants to see me in pain, that asshole. And I spent early xmas eve with richard & kenny, later with my obnoxious drunk family that I love dearly. Then, Tony payed me a visit greeting me
with a bow on his head. We made mixed cd's and watched A Christmas Story.

7 commentaire:

THE BAT said...

great shoes! merry christmas to you too!

Stephanie said...

I really like your blog! All the great shoes out there these days make it kinda hard to not be addicted!

Thanks for your comment on leChic

Happy holidays!

Stompface said...

Holy moly shoes galore.

Oh your name is Genevieve. What a pretty name. and a pretty blog too, your header is beauty. I love feathers.


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I really want that last pair of boots.

D said...

I love that pic of the Beatles!

Eelie said...

Hi Genevieve!

That shoe collection is just delish. Gosh i'm lusting over some (affordable) military-esque boots right now.

I'mn hoping you had a very magical Christmas too dear :D

Fashionista* said...

love the shoes