These People Aren't Your Friends, They're Paid To Kiss Your Feet

What I'm all about.

I've spent a good portion of my enlightened Angeleno years searching for just the right balance of an adept lifestyle. I hate to pull the astrology card (or tarot card. What?), but I am a Scorpio. I'm drawn to extremes and opposites and am contradictory sometimes. But at this time, I seem to be in a groove. An ambidextrous, lefty-righty-brainy groove, per say. What I'm getting at is: I've found the proportion, I found what makes me happy. And to top it off,
Last night was beautiful. Singing along to the Walkmen melodies & sneaking our whiskey inside. It was a classy delight. Rose McGowan was in the audience as well, she looked stunning. I bought a shirt that I'm already wearing proudly. No excursions for me tonight; tomorrow should be good, Chromeo afterparty at the Roxy.

Non-stop listening to Little Joy, Pearl Jam, Queen, Walkmen, Edith Piaf, Modest Mouse, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Johnny Thunders, Black Lips, Autolux and anything cute.

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kr!sta said...

"lefty-righty-brainy groove" hehe you're cute.

btw, Im glad there are others who know Little Joy.

Imi Loa said...

No wonder I am so intrigued by your blog! I'm a pisces; and I am always pulling the astrology card(tarot card) hahah, on everyone and they are definitely creeped out by it.. oh water signs..