Under The Bridges Of Fame It's Always Nighttime

Singing to melodies as I clean out my closet

Fashion is & will forever be my air, but it seems like I've withdrawn from the idea of it because
of a category I've been labeled under.
So have I become a conformist under this rebellious image? Have I went against my idea of self-expression to better feed my disgust of labels? I recently went through a batch of photographs of myself and I've come to realize that I was creating my own garments; and now everything I wear is factory made, so in a sense have I not become like them.
I'm still the girl with the long french name and dressed as if it we're a catwalk.

Speaking of catwalk, Alice Dellal is pure hell on hells & dressed to kill. Love it.

L i v i n g i n a d r e a m w o r l d
Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind

2 commentaire:

kr!sta said...

shes the only girl who can pull off a half-shaved head. other than natalie portman.

whats a good music blog you would recommend?


Anonymous said...

ah i LOVE alice