Im Not There

My forbidden love is on a hiatus until I've found that someone who makes sense of my nonsense.
Face To Face With The Man Who Sold The World.
Cheers for bodysnatchers, come catch me if you can.

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Jack Daniel said...

What a joy to look at these pics!

daisyamy said...

all those outfits give such inspiration.

is there any chance of a link exchange :)?

Dooder City said...

How sexy. Erin's shoes are so adorable.

Janis said...

hey you !! So happy to find you there on blogspot ! :)
I love you blog anyway so you don't mind i put you as a link on mine ? :)

Imi Loa said...

Ah I have been in love with these photos the first day I saw them!

Connie Hsiu said...

i saw someone else post these same photos. i looove love love them! these girls are great.

love your blog!

N.B. said...

I'm not sure why but I don't like these pictures. The clothes don't flatter the models - which is unbelievable because they tend to look good in everything. Anyhow, thanks for posting :)