Running Over The Same Old Ground

"A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal." - Oscar Wilde

Regarding factors of like and love is defenseless. A non existent part of my character will always
be one of passion.
It will be a while before I stumble upon that plague of adoration we had for one another.
I have boarded up all my lines of communication that go deeper than my skin, a very shallow pool indeed. You can taint me but never dilute me. I am far too precious.

Needy for those by my side: Daddy Warbucks to buy me everything. Patsy Cline to sing me to sleep. Zack Condon to lay by my side. Charles Bronson circa 1957 to kick yo ass. Moonshiner to drink you to death. The rest of you are useless. xoxo

5 commentaire:

Imi Loa said...

That photograph is lovely, and I can't get over how brilliant your words are!

cashmere bullet said...

wow, your writing is amazing!! keep it up, I'll check back soon...

Delmy said...

Not only is the photograph lovely, but the shoes are to die for.

modern antoinette said...

Wow beautiful writing, you are truly talented!!

And those shoes are to die for!!


zoƫ said...

oscar wilde is as genius as it gets .