Skinny Love

Incitement is one word to describe these past couple of days, e.i. getting paid to do makeup in vegas for the first weekend of April, meeting and conversating with Katie Holmes, new spring wear, gossip girl, themed parties, uv overload, fabric diy's, and love bites. You think you know but you have no idea. Reality hit me hard, I find that in this time of my life, young and successful, I should be receptive and untamed. It's proven, I can be an utter amount of creativity without equal. Yes, I'm feeling a bit like a cynic but it just amazes me how the increase of progression and edge is the consistent theme in my designs. Images won't be posted, because people don't read enough, and by me giving you visual it's almost as if I'm promoting this ignorance.

You have to create to exist. In succession, I'm as high
as I want to be rather than my head stuck in the clouds.
An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise, strung out in heavens high.
Perception is essential.

Kelsey & I are counting down 'til 500 Days of Summer hits theatres.

Agenda; Friday - Control @ Avalon. Saturday - getting paid + themed party + foxtails.
Sunday - +
space15twenty + lunch at Solar de Cahuenga+ zzZzZz.

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Genevieve said...

To the person who felt the need to waste their time making a blog just to comment my blog negatively is flattering. Please continue to leave false comments that you know nothing about. Yes, I am a makeup artist making more cash flow that you'll ever see and meeting celebrities constantly. People thank us for doing miracles on uglies therefore YOU should be thanking me because I'm doing you the favor with 100 dollar products.


Kaila said...

.... So inspirational

kr!sta said...

that movie looks like it's gonna be a good one! now you have me excited.