Stretch Out & Wait


The clouds are gone, amorous for the sun. Although, in SoCal we are in denial to 90 degree weather; therefore, when it's here for the sake of multiple days, we tend to lose our minds. This previous weekend was hands down, the greatest. Words cannot epitomize deserted land and high top views. I do believe I got a shade darker, in addition to my sandals leaving me a ridiculous tan-line to flaunt. I'm back in action with summer skin. Theatre finals is this week and I just started studying for a multiple hundred question test plus model application. Fml. Mind over matter; I will outshine them all and celebrate, repeatedly encore, this weekend at LA's Finest with mes amours.
I'll end with a shoutout: Thank god for AC.

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Pamy Rangel said...


Krystal said...

i love him, hes nice too! x

kr!sta said...

the ripped stockings is the icing on the cake to these outfits! jadoooore.


kaitlyn said...

omg seriously, WHAT is going on with the weather right now?? it finally cooled down a little bit today. i wish it would just be hot or be cold, i'm sick of this ADD weather. haha.

Vintage Tea said...

These looks are amazing! I love the very last one!

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Francheska said...

great collection !!! love the last set the most i think!
awesomee! :)