I Am The Wolf, You Aren't The Skin.

Too much has surfaced my palate. I believe I am a genius in every realm that I venture in. I'm definitely looking forward
to seeing what else is in store for me this year. I'm not afraid to go out on a limb, I take great risks, and they always seem to pay off.
I recently spoke my mind to someone I worked for, they weren't too fond of my forwardness. I'd be more satisfied being my own agent, rather than compromising my standards to suit someone else's. With that kind of courage and the
"I don't give a fuck attitude," it's no wonder why I'm doing so good.

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Trang said...

love the pics!

styleburst said...

those are some hot hot pics. love em.


kr!sta said...

this is magnificent!!!!!!!
insane pics.
wet n dirty, luv it.