I Was A Cartographer Of The Tangles In Your Hair

A land full of abandoned muscle cars, tall wheat fields, a leather jacket to keep you warm, and chains of love is a daydream
that you'd long to wraith in forever. All that's lacking is an eccentric playlist to stimulate your ears. Speaking of which,
I was laying poolside and driving around town this labor day weekend listening to the following on repeat:
Donovan - Catch The Wind,
Cass McCombs - What Isnt Nature, Stevie Nicks - Gypsy, The Damned - Melody Lee,
Andrew Bird
- Armchairs,
Pink Floyd - Time, Beach Fossils - Daydream, Television - Venus, Nico Stai - Maybe Maybe,
Black Keys - So He Wont Break, New York Dolls - Subway Train, Devendra Banhart - I Remember.

7 commentaire:

miss_vogue said...

absolutely amazing!

Miss Mae said...

I LOVE her.

<3 Miss Mae


kr!sta said...

this is pure amazingggg. where's it from? all of the outfits are pure lustful and a must have.


pete, yah said...

nico stai is good. saw him at sunset junction this year.

Genevieve said...

Source: Numero magazine

Pete yah, I went to SJ on Saturday so unfortunately I didn't see nico stai :/

Grace said...

Incredible music taste.

Love Grace.

Twobreadsplease said...

Love this editorial so much, she just looks amazing. Also in love with your choice of songs, beautiful beautiful picks. x