I'll Be On The Next Train Out To See You

I should be studying for my final tomorrow and putting together wardrobe for the shoot but mentally, I'm strung over
designer shoes and The Booze (a 60s inspired band that McCall plays
conspicuously when we carpool on our way to Hollyweird for school) After listening to their songs, you'll know where the title for this post came from. Needless to say,
I should get back to the works rather than beaming through j&j's street swagga, gothicas, and this obnoxious wind
blowin' through my window.

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SoCalWendie said...

Love the last pair of shoes. For some reason they remind me of some 'creepers' that I have

JINX said...

i love your style and really enjoy what you bring to fashion blogging...


LaSourisTeigneuse said...

Everything I'am obsessed with right now resumed in one brilliant post! the Phi shoes, Christopher Kane's eyelet leggingS, Freha Beja,the Miu Miu embellished socks the fake tattoos of the Chanel show, Opening Ceremony's buckles shoe that drove me crazy a couple of months ago...

You melted my brain in one post!

By the way I really like your blog did you notice? be sure I will read it obsessively...:-)

Greetings from Paris

La Souris Teigneuse

pete, yah said...


kr!sta said...

I want to do my hair like the model in the 1st pic. thx for this amazing post!!!!!!!


The Queen of Hearts said...

paint it black