Like these autumn leaves I don't have nothing to hold - The lovely photos above is from a shoot I did the makeup for on collaboration with Kristen, Lindsey, & Lani Dre(i'm sure you've seen her on American Apparel ads & billboards). The turnout was beautiful; the tall wheat fields, flowers, and hills we're staring us with that orange-brown hue of colors, teasing us for fall considering this weather is deranged. Global warming is stealing us from my favorite season. Although, I might add the nights are rather chilly that I need a layer of cardigans or jackets when I step out. I just wish the climate could be on my side & stay overcast all day, everyday.

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Jack Daniel said...

Alanna, she's beautiful.

kr!sta said...

the hair & makeup is amazing, the model has legs to die for.

favorite post!


Yuka said...

gorgeous makeup!!

What is Reality Anyway? said...

love it!!