Back Into The Hype

After an exhausting drained weekend involving
82 on Friday, SSMF on Saturday, and Cruising on Sunday, Im beat

In fact, I drank everyday of this weekend, sigh, human affection to say the least

But instead of ranting, I lounge here awake earlier than ever listening to Ryan Adams
In my oversized overworn Bob Dylan tee drinking chai, playing my favorite song

Come Pick Me Up
When they call your name will you walk right up?
With a smile on your face or will you cower in fear
In your favorite sweater with an old love letter?

I wish you would, I wish you would

Come pick me up take me out fuck me up and
Steal my records screw all my friends
They're all full of shit with a smile on your face
And then do it again...

I wish you would

When you're walking downtown do you wish I was there?
Do you wish it was me?
With the windows clear and the mannequins eyes
Do they all look like mine?

You know you could, I wish you would

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