Talk Is Cheap

"Thats when you know you've found that perfect someone, is when you can shut the fuck up and share comfortable silence. " - Pulp Fiction

Im never satisfied
Ex lovers roll back in with the current
Regaining consciousness -- Regaining confidence
Looking forward, Looking back, on...
Waking. Walking. Wandering. Wondering.
Filtered finger-tips
When it rains, it pours
Poor me
...Pour me another 'round
'Round and 'round I spin
Warm white sheets, fresh out of the dryer
...There is no room
Too many objects occupy this empty space
Space and time, Time and space
Hence my drunk confessions last night
Strangers asleep In my bed
Visions of new tomorrows dance around my head
Sink full of dirty dishes -- Sky full of unfulfilled wishes
Twirling in my little black dress
Hot sex, pinned up against the wall
Smoke-out, smoke inside, Right outside of the "no smoking sign"
Filling all of the crannys & nooks
Reading all sorts of library books
Bubble-bath versus shower
Insomnia: watching each minute add up to an hour
Close my bedroom door
Enough is never enough -- for, I'll always want more

I like making something out of absolutely nothing
I hoped we would be different, much different than the rest

Comparison of you to the smoke i exhale.
- Within a matter of moments:
Both fade away

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