Champagne Wishes

Lately Ive been writing my thoughts on paper
The old fashioned way, fuck

I want to publish a book, not just any book but something out of the ordinary.
Involving WILD people, Bad tempers, Passion, Sensitive and melancholic arses,
Self taught people. Ive been staying up late and waking up at a ridiculous hour. When Im not out socializing, drinking, and dancing the night away at these overrated clubs I sit on my queen sized bed and write down my thoughts and dreams on any piece of paper I find including receipts, envelopes, cards, and notepads. I want to get something out of it,
like some kind of recognition. It can happen......

And for the record, I had way too much jager and stripe last night
Ive been known to act a damn fool, Forgive my sloppyness for those
who were apart of last nights occasion

Kudos for sloppy drunks♥

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