Disco Dancin In Nylons

"I feel the same way about disco as I do about herpes"
- Hunter S. Thompson

Coming your way, Tha girl in gold boots. My Hollywood Video card has been put
to good use. Renting and returning for free trades has made me the happiest. Watching
classics and referred movies by people with good taste and logic reasons.
My movie partners are forever changing, I need a steady party

I also watched Gonzo about Hunter S. Thompson,
which was mind blowing yet didnt fulfill me on everything I knew beforehand
Presumably, my favorite and optimal author yet

I am a tambourine
Grab me, play me, bang me
Use me against your warm thigh

Any man who uses cigarette holders like back in da day w/ an orange sunglass tint
Is a good man for me, Speaking of cigarettes &or drug use
... This picture n e v e r gets old

Currently listening to:
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Just like honey

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