No More Daddys Little Girl

Everyone and anyone who's a fan of oldies,
knows that line is a famous title from The Stylistics.
All of which, golden antiquated musique is a fix for my old soul.

Today was my old man's birthday. Spending quality time with the family
is the finest way to consume a day. Family is first. Not your overrated myspace
freinds who claim to be number one in your counterfeit cliche everyday lives.
I dont use the web to frame or assemble a freindship. I value the real ones I have.

Just recognizing the obvious,
One of my favorite songs from the Grateful Dead
sings a verse I can say and sing out loud when the time is right
Below is a portrait of Danny Rifkin and Richie Pechner,
former members of superb clique

"Be thankful for living,
drink up and go home"

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