Pumpkin Seeds

Its set in stone
Iris & I will be the foxxx tribe for Halloween
Little wolf + Feather child
Be on the look out for rising head pieces and painted faces at HARD
We'll be turning heads without a doubt

Listening to Nick Cave and drinking iced coffee on this Monday morning
I've got a lot on my plate today; run errands, school scheduling, dinner with tony, dusting my furniture
Engaging into different activities is exhausting & starting next week, I'll be available 10% of the day
My free time would most likely be spent in bed catching up on sleep

Therefore, lets make plans this week/weekend since Im a free bird for the time being
Tomorrow I'm going to aardvarks & out of the closet for some Halloween pieces (Im on a budget)
And then returning some books I got from the Downtown, Los Angeles, library
which is heaven with stories of books to indulge in from past centuries and modern
Like I said, h e a v e n

Also I'll be posting a makeup ad on craigslist, need your makeup done for Halloween?
Book an appointment with me, I'm reasonable with prices

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