Greatest Mistake

I've been snuggling, trying to stay warm in my leather wandering the streets all day. Registered for January classes & did store to store card swipes. I should've known last minute pick ups would involve crazy moms and getting ran over by strollers at the Grove & Beverly Center. Christmas time is hectic and deranged, but not when all the cash comes in for my lustful shopping.

"The sun is my flash and the wind is my stylist, mostly trees and leaves are the best backdrop,
so then all I do is push the button"

I based my New Years Eve outfit on the photo below, I picked bits of related (close to exact) pieces.
It will turn out amazingly put together, no doubt about it.

& I need to re-new my subscription for Vogue & W. I got my last ones in the mail today.
Ciao xoxoxoxoxoxo

3 commentaire:

Taghrid said...

oooh i wana se your new years eve outfit.t hose harlequin hotpants are HOT! where did you find similar ones at?

She's Dressing Up said...

I'm very excited to see your NYE outfit!

Genevieve said...

Topshop shorts<3 Forever 21 faux fur shaw. Silence & Noise tank top. Zara nylons & boots. Vintage gloves from wasteland.