Rise Above

Sunday morning, It's just a restless feeling by my side. My lack of sleep is interrupting my
after hours considering as of Friday night, I fell asleep on Jones sofa. He was pleased with the way I grasped his pillows. Stop handing me drinks and you won't see the inactive gen. As of plans for tomorrow, I reckon the girls & I are going to Big Bear. Thank goodness, for all the coats and turtlenecks I've stocked up for a day like this. I'm worked up for some speculation to go down in the snow. But with winter here, that means spring is following. Erin Wasson's spring 09 is forcing
me to want to wear shorts and button downs in 50 degree weather.

And if you'd be so generous and is contemplating on what to get me for xmas,
I would be more than satisfied with something to save my hands from the freezing cold.
Perhaps some long leather gloves or a faux fur hand muffler, kthx.

5 commentaire:

Porcelain Blonde said...

Oh my gosh we have similar taste! I truly am lusting after a fur muff too - most people don't get that! :)

Isn't Erin divine? Her hair is perfection! These pics are so beautiful and inspiring.

Love the fur you're wearing in your profile pic - and your makeup. Beautiful! xxx

M said...

i wish i can hang out with them and laugh with them :/ and that hand muffler is cooooo!

pangea said...

i check out your blog all the time, i love your style and i really enjoy your blog

THE BAT said...

ooo these are great pictures! i especially love the first one.

stilettostetico said...

Trendy short denim shorts + Blazer = Scorching style AND "fashion-issime" casualness at his "HOT-issime" point (especially with Erin W's fantastical BODY) !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine