High & Dry

I'm ambushed with exhaust and flattery,
After all Preen mag did take my photo today for next issue's "Turning Heads"
Thank goodness, they caught me in a perky jaunty outfit.

I've become more in love with art, all types of art. I like to think anything is my canvas and that I can paint reality thus dreams. Even on a face, I go crazy with my imagination and it turns out flawless. Never the less, I'm excited for school to start next week in the heart of Hollywood. Not only will I be working hands on with movie stars and models but if my work is good enough, it will be published to billboards and magazines. Be on the look out for my name.

I love how Benson encapsulates darkness;

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lovely blog! tutorial coming soon! =)

jaime said...

ahh LOVE this post! thank you for this! oh and happy 2009 sweetie!

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your blog is amazing, love it!