Cheers To A New Year

I don't know if it's the fact that it was a leap year and why people seem to have lept out of their sanity, but I found it to be full of unexpected agitation. I left the year satisfied & full of thinking. My mind boggled up at the countdown with a flash of how I've grown so much in 08. My eyes we're stapled open, A reality check raped me blindly. I couldn't of done it without my supporting family and everlasting friends. All of embarkment, good times, graduation, new faces, new places, breaking hearts, more happiness than melancholy, no attachments, travel, adventures, pain in the ass studying, honor achievements, not driving the speed limit, drama-free, drinking into oblivion, one too many whatshisfaces, still intact with my main girls, best birthday thus far, all left in memory but
I'm very hopeful that 09 will be a great year.

New years resolution: Stop buying clothes that make me feel guilty & broke.

2 commentaire:

Cory K said...

Happy 2009! & I love the photo's.

forever & always,

Krystal said...

the back of that gold dress is amazing, happy 2009!!!!