In The Halls I’d Rather Hear Silence Than The Bell Of New Love

I'm tired of the pre-conceived notions I've taken with others. Although, each evening of mine
has been boisterous and
unexpected undertaking
around the city. Downtown or around, I always find myself spending money on anything eye seeking. I'm in a constant war against my own nature. I haven't found an adjective that quite fits who I am. I always tend to love hard, then disappear without warning, and reappear like there's was no absence and live like this minute is all I have. I like my alone time, but hate being alone. I find challenging books to be a unfettered delight. I'm an aspiring artist, who can't be subjected to one label. I speak with eloquence in my vulgarity.

My creativity is at the peek of its level, After coming eye to eye with these photos that is.

Like I've said in the past, My words aren't just being put on any site possible... I'm constantly writing in my Prada leather journal; clif notes, entries, quotes & lyrics, day experiences, love affairs, viewing the city, etc. As I get older, my eyes witness and experience more. I need more of an ultimatum, something worth publishing. Take me on an adventure that I can portray in my own words while feeling breath-taking.

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Andy said...

this is quite inspiring! i like these photos :)
check out my new post
happy new yera


Anonymous said...

very inspiring
love the pictures