You Are The Warmest Part Of The Winter

I am hot and cold almost at the same moment. Drinking warm tea and staring at my walls is a cluster and makes me ponder. Over analyzing is what I do to an extent. It's when everything some what makes sense to me, maybe I'm just delirious. I love this time of year. Despite that, it's Southern California and it doesn't get colder than 60 degrees during the day which blows but these cold nights make up for it and it's just another excuse to snuggle in blankets, watch movies, and drink hot chocolate. That's been a routine of mine the past couple of evenings. Not including the late night phone calls and jotting things down on paper followed by a sketch.

I've come to realize, I have an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality, which has made it easier for those to find my virtues. But I'm young and just like to have a good time. This weekend should hold nothing short of socializing and dancing because that's whats in store, so far.

(My form of iTunes, haha)


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Sasi said...

I love this part of the year, too! And I'm enjoying it:)

Thanks for your comment!
Your blog is full of inspiration!