Passion Play

In Paris, A.F. Vandevorst explored their tailored and masculine side for Spring 09.
Although it looks as if they dipped into the lingerie drawer that constitutes the other half of their dual style. The signature white shirts were topped with lace-trimmed satin bras and long, front-slit slips, or that girdles peeked out from above the waistline of a pair of black pants.
Most of it won't play outside the bedroom; the red, heavily, lined lips added an extra kink factor. Good thing there were elements to the collection that were more softly feminine, i.e. The quilted floral silk bustier, skirts with a button down and over all the sophistication and real-life appeal that I wish I could afford. All my hard work will pay off someday and I will be able to afford anything & everything.

Dinner was rather interesting last night, the girls & I went to olive garden,
And sure enough; our waiter had to be all cute, looking exactly like Shai Labeouf. He handed us
free dessert which we all shared romantically. Followed by 3rd street chaos.

Tonight; Christmas Sweater Festival @ Echoplex. xo

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In love with the first couple looks. Mmm more interested in closeups of that red lip...did they exaggerate and draw outside the natural lip line...? Everyone's pout looks HUGE.

TheMinx said...

the grey thigh-highs are amazing.

Lauren said...

I love this collection so much when I first saw it, it's so classicly beautiful.

x x x