Seduction Leads To Destruction

Here's to self expression, the epitome of yourself is what you've accomplished.
Therefore, I am
at the embodiment of my forthcoming. My biggest fear is being too afraid to go out on a limb to get what I want. I find that listening is the best way to figure out motives. Humility is a major player in my life, because I never want to get too self-righteous to the point where I forget where I'm coming from. Hence, In order to stay at the top, you have to remember where you came from. The sole of my feet walked more streets of knowledge & gain than you ever will.

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zoƫ said...

feather child is such a great blog name .
just thought i'd mention that !


Yuka said...

i love the mesh details and the red lips.

Vintage Tea said...


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Bella said...

Oh, I need this gorgeous mesh dress... it's calling my name!


Jack Daniel said...

These pics are really cool!